December 3, 2023

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3 Top Brands of Motor Scooters

With motorized scooters selling like crazy, the number of reputable manufacturers in the market is growing all the time. We don’t have time to talk about all the brands out there, so this article will mention a handful that continue to stand out for their innovation and commitment to excellent scooter design. Now, I admit that evaluating scooter beauty is a kind of subjective goal, so it could be a small stretch to call these are the “three top brands”–but just hear me out! Personal preferences aside, these are three scooter brands that qualify as can’t miss favorites, year after year.

First up is the Vespa line by Piaggio.

The first motor scooter craze began in Italy after World War II. A stormy post-war economy pushed Piaggio, a military aircraft firm, toward a brand new market: motorized scooters. The rest is history. The early Vespas had ground-breaking features, hidden engines, and easy-to-change tires–and they started a wave of scooter popularity that swept across Europe. Jump to the 21st century, when Piaggio released an American scooter line. Today, Vespa motor scooters continue to get a lot of love for their excellent workmanship and “mod” vintage style.

Second, we’ll look at motorized scooters by Honda.

Am I right in thinking that Honda doesn’t really need an introduction? This Japanese manufacturer has cemented its reputation as a top tier vehicle manufacturer by creating compact, economical cars that are affordable and easy to maintain. Take that same commitment to quality, apply it to motorized scooters, and you get the idea. Honda scooters are designed with modern surfaces and lines and continue to push the limits of efficient, green fuel usage.

Third, we’ll check out Yamaha motor scooters.

Yamaha’s motorcycles are renowned for their punchy engines and edgy designs. When you see someone zoom past on a Yamaha cycle, you just assume he’s a cool dude (even if he’s not). So it is a no-brainer that Yamaha is king of the hill in the motorized scooter market as well. Yamaha is an international leader in scooter technology, continuing to pioneer new models that are stronger, faster, more fuel efficient, and yeah–more cool.

If you drive a scooter by one of these manufacturers, you probably feel the pride of ownership. If you’re still exploring the motor scooter market, it’s hard to go wrong buying a Vespa, Honda, or Yamaha–but there are other good companies as well.

Generally, trustworthy scooter makers can be recognized by their generous warranties and established reputations. If you’re not sure whether the brand you’re looking at is legit, look online for reviews and check around for additional distribution centers–service and parts should be readily available. You might also want to take advantage of additional consumer resources on how to choose the best scooter for your personal needs.