December 6, 2023

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5 Crucial Safety Tips For Motorcycle Group Riding

People often say that, “Two is company and three is a crowd.” However, can more than three people also provide good company? In the case of motorcycle group riding, that can certainly be the case. Whether we are cruising with relatives or friends, sharing the experience of a road trip can exponentially make it more thrilling. Even sharing snacks stored in your motorcycle luggage can add to the excitement. Here are some tips to ensure that your motorcycling group riding remains as safe as it is fun:

1. Be aware of the potential dangers

When a group of motorcyclists ride together on a road trip, it is important that the riders are consistently in-sync and expect the unexpected. In particular, if you believe that a potential member of your riding group could become unpredictable during a road trip, then it is advisable to exclude that person from the group. If someone would be more prone to causing an accident, it is better to remain safe than sorry.

2. Keep your distance

It is extremely important for everyone in the riding group to keep enough distance between him or her, and the other riders. Keep a gap of two seconds between you and the rider ahead of you. Additionally, keep an interval of one second between you and a rider that is staggered alongside you. Staggering riders provides two benefits. It increases the riders’ field of vision, and provides a more compact formation. However, when roads are curvy, stay in a formation with a single-file construction.

3. Communicate before you hit the road

Communication is the key, and should start before the road trip even begins! Discuss issues such as where the day’s final destination will be, and the itinerary that the riding group will take to get there. Also, discuss any official weather forecasts and alterations in the road conditions. Create a democratic environment by allowing members of the group to feel comfortable about providing input.

4. Keep in eye on the rider directly ahead and behind you

After you hit the road, visual communication will become key. In particular, know the location of the other riders and how that location could change. You should always see the reflection of the rider directly ahead of you, in his mirror. In addition, you should always see the reflection of the rider directly behind you, in your own mirror.

5. Scan past the rider directly ahead of you

It is important never to keep your eyes glued on the back of the rider directly ahead of you. Instead, use your eyes to scan the area ahead of that rider. In fact, your eyes should “watch” 2-6 seconds ahead of your current position. The faster you are cruising, the farther ahead you should look. When a lead rider reacts, it should create a domino effect, causing the riders behind him to react in turn.

Motorcycle group riding can make road trips even better. However, make sure to follow some basic safety guidelines, to ensure that group riding results in group security. Happy group riding!