December 3, 2023

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50Cc Scooter

There is a reality concerning 50cc scooters and that is there really is no 50cc scooter. They’re more like 49.5 or 49.9cc scooters. And the reason for them getting called 50cc scooters actually has nothing to do with their engine size.

Mopeds and scooters were developed in Europe after World War II, they were cheap, comfortable, and best of all affordable. Governments knew poor people as well as rich people had to have a way of getting around. The governments also rationalized, for whatever reason, there needed to be some sort of exclusion regarding the scooters, hence 50cc scooters were brought into existence.

The U.S. adopted this exclusion and came up with some of it’s own innovative ideas, one being most states not requiring a motorcycle license to operate a 50cc, a drivers license will do just fine. 50cc scooters have become very popular and there are too many reasons to mention why, but there are two reasons that stand out above all others, and that is they are affordable and maintenance is very low. You can get up to 100mpg out of this marvel and getting 60 to 80mpg is the norm.

Because they have become so popular there are various models which have different features as well as models of different sizes. Most travel at a moderate speed of 35mph, but if there is a need for more speed and power they can be modified to give better performance. Getting to work or school can be done more cheaply because a little gas in a scooter goes a long way. Getting up to 100mpg riding one is not too shabby. As an added benefit some models can go for longer distances, and naturally the ones that do cost a little more.

One of the more serious features of the scooter that seems to get mentioned only in passing is that it is ecologically friendly. With all kinds of pollutants in the air and the ozone needing tender loving care this is a very good aspect of any gas powered machine. Also know that they have unbelievable maneuverability, for those daring enough to dart through traffic jams.

They’re safe, but know that the rider is only as safe as he rides the scooter, so there is some accountability involved on the rider. Reliability is something we all want for our hard earned money and it is that. This bike has become the vehicle to have in the twenty-first century.

We all know that gas prices aren’t going anywhere they are here to stay and we all have had to take that expense into account. This really makes the 50cc scooter look good all the time. Not only is it a money saver but it’s fun to ride.

Worldwide the scooter has been a practical means of transportation for years and it is surprising the U.S has just started to join in on this money saver. With all the big cities and heavy traffic it really was only a matter of time before the scooter made it’s debut in the U.S.

The signs of the times have hit us all and some things dictate that we take a look over in some one else’s yard to see what they’re cooking, in this case scooters are being served… hot.