December 3, 2023

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Can Improving Golf Swing Mechanics Improve Your Golf Game?

My golf buddy was having a real hard time getting the golf balls to go exactly where he wanted them to on the golf course. It was becoming increasingly frustrating for him, and as he let the stress get to him it became increasingly frustrating for those of us who golfed with him. Golf is, after all, supposed to be fun, isn’t it? That’s when we told him he needed to start focusing on his golf swing mechanics rather than just trying the same thing over and ever, expecting different results.

Which golf swing mechanics can improve the way you play golf?

• Your feet need to be should width apart when your five iron is being used.
• Your front foot needs to face towards the target at a 20-degree angle.
• Your knees should be slightly bent and not stiff or locked.
• Your left heel should barely lift off the ground when making your back swing.
• Your left arm needs to be held straight at the top of your back swing.
• When swinging towards the ball you need to push off with your right foot and turn your weight left using your hips.
• Make sure you swing all the way through impact and do not stop at the ball. Hit “through” the ball, not at it.
• Try to make all aspects of the golf swing into one fluid motion, not broken up into separate parts.

It is impossible to master your golf swing mechanics overnight. It takes time and practice. First you need to focus on the proper posture and body motions. Then work on turning all of those motions into one fluid movement from beginning to the end.

It is very hard to unlearn bad habits so if you’ve been golfing for a while it may take you longer to perfect your golf swing than it would take someone who has never golfed before. Do not get frustrated. With time you will be able to improve your mechanics and swing your clubs properly.

Don’t over think when you are practicing your golf swing mechanics. Go with the flow. Your body probably knows more than you think it does and over thinking your movements can do more harm than good.

If you perfect your golf swing and you still aren’t golfing the way you think you should be you may want to look at getting better clubs. Worn or damaged clubs can actually hurt your game and no matter how good your skills are, bad clubs can cause problems.