December 3, 2023

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Garage Door Insulation for Household Use

Improper garage door insulation causes people to lose huge sum of money every year. It should be dealt with accordingly especially nowadays when energy and electric charges is soaring high. You should insulate all possible entry and exit point of heat and cold to your house. This is a one-time process and once installed, it can last for a long period of time with minimal problems.

Garage is probably the biggest household area and leaving it with no insulation will counter the effect of heating and air cooling system you have in your house. The garage will suck as much external heat as possible during winter. The garage will be similar to a big stove that will pump unwanted heat in your house. Similar thing will happen during winter where the garage will act as if it is a big refrigerator that will inject cool air in your house.

You can install self spray foam insulation around the garage, but there are also other materials that you can use. The two commonly used materials are the following:

1. Reflective foil

It is composed of two layers of heavy-duty polyethylene foam and aluminum foil. The foam is tucked between the foils and its thickness is usually 5/16 inch. It is also applicable for roofs and attics aside from garages.

2. Garage door panels

Panels, which are made from polystyrene, are easier material to work with compared with reflective foil. You will find it easier to install in your garage, but both panel and reflective foil has already been proven to be effective in insulation purposes.

You should also consider the following tips in garage door insulation:

  • Floor coating
  • Floor covering
  • Door sealant

The common floor coatings used are:

1. Paint

There is nothing unusual with this and is very similar with ordinary paint. Oil-based paint requires a primer coat while latex paint is easier to maintain and clean. In any case, make sure that the paint can endure wearing and tearing

2. Epoxy

You can choose 1-part or 2-part epoxy. 2-part is harder and tougher than 1-part but can be more expensive. You can also apply some sealer for a glossy effect.

Garage floor covering is the same as if you are covering your household floor. You can use common insulation materials like garage tiles, mats, and foam insulations. Garage tiles can be rigid or flexible. Rigid tiles are applicable if you frequently maintain or repair your car. It can better withstand weight, floor jacks, and big bike kickstands. On the other hand, flexible tiles have various designs and offer better grip and footing than rigid type.

Garage door sealants are usually made from tubular and flat rubber. You can combine it with foam or other material for added insulation.

Garage door insulation kit is available in various home improvement stores and will make the installation convenient for you. It contains almost everything that you need to effective insulate the garage. There are available kits for a one-car or two-car garage but if you need other sizes, you can always do some workarounds with the available kits in the market.