November 29, 2023

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Garage Floor Mats – An Easy Solution For Preventing Ugly Oil Stains on Your Garage Floor

Do you hate those ugly oily splotches on the garage floor? They’re unsightly, and they could even cause slips and falls. And they’re so hard to remove, short of resurfacing the garage. But they’re easy to prevent – if you’ve got the right tools.

So what are the right tools? The ones you get at the local stores aren’t really up to the challenge. Why not try an industrial strength mat, one of the sort that they use in manufacturing facilities or at car repair places? They know what works.

A great option would be an universal oil drip mat with non-penetrable backing. That’s an oil mat that soaks up whatever fluids drip from your car and neutralizes them. You’ll find that for example the Abzorb Oil Mat, an oil drip floor mat, will meet your toughest requirements.

And about that non-penetrable backing? They mean what they say on the packaging. No matter how much oil has dripped onto the mat, it is not going to get to the garage floor. It stays in the mat.

Now these mats can also be used in other places, of course. If you park your car outside, or you have a parking lot, you might want to put them under leaky cars to protect the environment.

After all, those oil stains aren’t just unsightly, but they’re a pollution hazard for the environment. When it rains, they’re swept up in the rain and flow into the ground water, where they cause contamination.

And yet, it’s so easy to prevent that. Just prevent those drips to land on the parking lot surface by some strategically placed garage floor mats. The environment will thank you.

And in addition, they’re perfect for walkways around equipment and even for office walkways. Their sturdy non-slip backing makes them perfect for just about anywhere.

Are those industrial strength mats expensive? Not really, once you think about the benefits they have. They certainly don’t cost much more than decent quality regular mat. And they’re so much more sturdy, absorb more fluid, and are much safer.

Here’s another benefit of a high quality garage floor mat, or rather of using an industrial strength oil drip mat as a garage floor mat: their non-penetrable backing is also skid resistant. This way, it will stay put where you place it, and it won’t slip out from underfoot, preventing slips and falls. It’s easy to see how it can make your garage or facility safer.

And the best thing — you can get them in just about any size — from a small 3′ x 5′ mat to slip underneath your motorcycle, all the way to 6′ x 150′ fit for a long walk way or a drive way. They come win rolls and in spite of their overall toughness, you can easily cut them into any size you might need — with scissors!

So whether you have just a garage, or whether you have a car repair shop. or a manufacturing or other industrial facility of any kind, you’ll find garage floor mats an inexpensive way to keep the floors clean, and your employees safe.