December 8, 2023

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Get a Scooter Cover for the Scooter Lover

The good old motor scooter is back and more popular than ever! From the nerdy little Vespa of the 50’s we have come a long way baby! Scooters have become an increasingly more popular means of transportation world wide. Folks love them because they are light weight, they’re easy to maneuver, simple to park, easy to store, get great gas mileage, and they’re just so much fun to drive!

Scooters have been transporting folks around for almost 100 years. They date back to the days of the First World War, in a number of different forms and versions. Most countries around the globe have been successful manufacturing them, and just as successful selling them around the world. Pretty cool. The definition of a scooter is “a motorcycle with a step through frame and a platform for the operator’s feet”. This makes them different than the traditional motorcycle in that they were really intended as a low power, one person transport. Their engines are smaller, between 50 cc and 250 cc. While there are scooters with up to 800 cc, you most likely aren’t buying a scooter for power! You want something simple to get you from here to there and back – efficiently and economically! Without you having to pedal!

Now, if you are one of the brave who have bought a scooter, it’s important to remember that, like all motorized vehicles, scooters need to be protected from the weather and the elements of nature. When they’re not being used, you should try to keep it covered, and there are Scooter Covers for just such a purpose. Just like covering your car, boat, or golf cart, they are built to keep all the wet, mess, mud, and crud off your vehicle. The last thing you want is to hop on your scooter and have the seat be all wet, or covered with bird poop or tree sap! Kind of sucks the fun out of the ride! They are excellent at keeping dirt, dust, and the sun’s UV rays from damaging the finish of your scooter.

The scooter covers are pretty simple to put on and take off, thanks primarily to their small size (think about a scooter versus a Car, Truck, Boat, or RV). Everything is right there in front of and below you. Nice! You can find covers in a nice variety of sizes, shapes, and styles – most designed to custom fit your scooter model. Some come with wind screens and storage bags. Many are made with a urethane coated deck panel to reflect the sun and heat. The sides are usually a PVC-coated nylon, making it so easy to handle. They’re well stitched for durability, and elasticized front and back to hold it in place. Scooter covers, like their bigger vehicle sisters, are also vented to allow a means for moisture and fumes to escape from under the covers!

So, if you’re a scooter lover, do your little bike a big favor, and protect it. Cruise the aftermarket auto and bike accessory webstores, and check out the great scooter covers. And keep your ride looking its coolest!