December 8, 2023

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How to Get More Affection From Your Girlfriend

Feeling like you’re not getting enough affection from the person your involved with is a pretty common problem in relationships. When the chase is finally over and real life steps in to take its place, partners sometimes forget about the importance of affection in a relationship. And let’s not forget that how a person was raised can have an effect on how they display affection. If giving and receiving affection was a normal occurrence in the home then being affectionate will be pretty normal, but if a person is raised in a home where touching and hugging didn’t happen much, then more than likely they won’t be very affectionate either.

Women in general love attention, especially the touchy-feel kind; I know I do. It makes them feel special and loved. But there are things that can make them not as affectionate. So lets look at how to get more affection from your girlfriend and the reasons she might be less affectionate.

* Do you expect more every time she kisses or hugs you? This for me has always been the biggest turn off – that you can’t give your boyfriend an affectionate kiss without him assuming that you want sex. Sometimes, just hugging and kissing is really nice and quite a turn-on if a guy can just leave it at that. Don’t always think that she wants to go to bed if she shows you affection. Appreciate the kiss or hug and leave it at that. If her intention is to be more intimate with you she will let you know, maybe not verbally, but the signals will be there. If you lower your expectation level she won’t be so afraid to hug and kiss you.

* Sometimes life gets in the way, the job, the running around to get things done, the cleaning, cooking, and it can feel like everybody wants something from you. And all you want is to be left alone. So be observant of your girlfriend and what is going on in her life. Maybe she just needs space, a little time to herself. If you are on her… wanting her to show you affection during these times, then she will just withdraw and will probably be irritated with you on top of it. So be aware of her life. Communicate with her about her day, and ask her what she needs. If it’s a little space, then give it to her. You can even affectionately help her have some space. Try preparing her a bubble bath, or a special place set up with her favorite things…the phone…some munchies…Then leave her alone.

* Try playing a little elusive, give her a kiss then disappear to the garage to work on the car, or off to watch football. Let her know you love her, but back off a little at the same time. I guess it’s kind of like playing hard to get. But withdrawing your attention will make her feel a little insecure, which should bring her back around.

* Then there is the big one…Communication. If you want to know how to get more affection from your girlfriend, ask her. Tell her how you are feeling and ask her how she is feeling. Then try to find out what you can do to increase the affection in your relationship. Don’t come across needy, a girl loves a strong man, so make sure to show your concern and willingness to find a solution that will work for both of you.