December 3, 2023

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How to Protect your Motorcycle from Theft

Riding a motorcycle is the best way to avoid traffic jams. This is also the answer to your fuel economy problem, as motorcycles tend to use less gas than cars, vans or trucks. You also don’t have to fall in line just to wait for a bus. A motorcycle is a very compact vehicle. You can park them almost anywhere. However, these two-wheeled beauties are also vulnerable to theft. Since they are small, thieves would rather steal a motorcycle than steal a car. In fact, the rate of motorcycle theft is increasing every single year and just because it hasn’t occurred to you yet, it doesn’t mean that it would never happen to you. Protect your motorcycle from being stolen and take these precautionary measures to prevent such devastating event from happening.

There are a lot of ways to protect your motorcycle from being robbed. Although these methods do not guarantee a 100 percent theft-free motorcycle, it may reduce the risk of your bike from being stolen. Remember that a motorcycle is an open vehicle. It is not like a car that has locked doors and glassed windows to get through before one can actually set the ignition.

1. Your first defense against motorcycle theft is your bike’s steering lock. Steering locks prevent effortless maneuvering of your motorcycle and would discourage the thieves from robbing your bike. It is advisable that you use separate locks for your steering locks and ignition locks, so that the bandit has to overcome two locks before running away with your bike.

2. Do not tempt anyone to steal your bike. If you do not have a garage, protect your motorcycle against theft by covering it. You can do the same if you keep your bike in a garage as well. Making your bike inconspicuous discourages the thieves from letting them know what you have. By using a plain cover to hide your bike, you are protecting it by not promoting the brand and not advertising how expensive your bike is.

3. If you have to bring your bike outside, make sure that you park it in a safe place and the bike should be within sight. It is not advisable to park your motorcycle beside a van, truck or any kind of big vehicle that would hide thieves at work. If possible, pick a parking spot just right outside the establishment door. Protect your motorcycle by choosing a well-lit and conspicuous area to park.

4. Although you placed your motorcycle on a noticeable spot, don’t get confident that thieves will not at least try to steal it. Anchor your motorcycle onto something immovable and solid such as strong poles. If there are no sturdy structures available to secure your bike, try locking your bike with another one especially if you have an acquaintance riding the same type of vehicle.

5. Don’t forget your keys. Even if you know that you will only leave your bike for a second or two, do not leave the keys inserted in your motorcycle. It is an easy way for thieves to steal your bike in an instant. Recording your key number would also protect your motorcycle from theft. Most key numbers are stamped on a lock. File them until they are hardly visible. Anyone who has a key number can effortless have a perfectly fit key cut from a key maker. In case you lose your keys, it will also be less expensive if you remember your key number and have a new key lock made rather than purchase all new locks.

Protecting your motorcycle from theft is more of relying on your common sense rather than depending on alarms and other anti-theft equipments. These tools would only assist in defending your bike from burglary. Using a technique or two to protect your bike could give you a pretty good chance in safely keeping your bike, indoors or outdoors.