December 3, 2023

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Is Affordable Car Insurance a Myth? Secrets to Getting the Best Car Insurance Possible

This is my second installment of tips at how to get affordable car insurance. To get the best car insurance possible you need to start looking at the little things you need to do to lower your auto insurance premium. What is one thing that most people tend to over look when it comes to their vehicle? Most of us always forget to park our car in our garage and this is something the auto insurance companies take into account when asking us questions about our driving habits. Parking your car in your garage keeps it safe from auto theft and not only that but it also protects your vehicle from the damaging glare of the sun and the frigid cold of winter time which can cause major damage to your transmission and engine.

Another way to get the best car insurance at a low price is to get it for only 6 months. Most companies will offer you a great rate these days for only 6 months because they want your initial business and they figure that once you see how good their coverage is that you will renew your auto insurance policy with them at the regular price that they charge, but what you do is let that affordable car insurance expire, then you will find another similar auto insurance company and renew for another 6 months for them. This trick will keep you going until your financial situation is good enough to allow you to afford a long term policy .

If you have a family then your best bet is to have a traditional family sedan which shows the insurance company that you are a more careful driver since most of the time you will be driving your insured vehicle with your kids in the sedan. This will also get you a knockout deal on your next auto insurance quote. Also car insurance companies will give better rates to married couples then to single parents so that is yet another incentive for you to stay married.