December 8, 2023

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Part-time Business – 3 Cool Part-time Business Ideas To Help Make Your House Payment Each Month

Have you been searching for the ideal part-time business? Easy low-cost ways that you could make more money? Have you been wanting your own business but you don’t want to take any risks like dumping your job and going full time even if it’s a lousy job that you currently have?

Have you considered a part-time business where you could do just one or two small side-jobs a month to make your house payment and or pay other bills? Maybe you are looking for something more than that, but hey, that is a good start!

Maybe you work at home right now but could use an extra $1,000 a month to pay the bills so you can continue to work at home in comfort the rest of the month and be able to concentrate on your work.

If so, listed below are three great ways that you can start your own part-time business and make some red-hot immediate income on the side. This is also a great way to test the waters before doing anything radical like quitting your present job and going part-time on a full-time basis.

Way back in 1991, I decided to start my own house painting business. I didn’t plan on making it a part-time business but that is what it shaped itself into over the years.

You see, I only work 6 hours a day on average and I never work weekends so that amounts to only 30 hours a week that I do work. The nice part though is that I make a lot better money working part-time than I used to when I had a boss and worked 45 hours a week.

I can actually make more in a day and a half painting than I did all week long at my last regular full-time job. And I can come and go as I please. I cannot be fired or get in any trouble for being late either and I like this a whole bunch.

Anyways, listed below are three easy to start, low-cost part-time businesses. Each one can make you a quick $300 – $500 for just a few hours work and over a thousand a week if you wish. The reason I write about these 3 businesses listed below is because I know them and they make me money. These are 3 moneymakers that I specialize in.

#1 Residential/Commercial Painting Business: If you love to paint this is a handy service you can render for the busy homeowner. Many women won’t let their husbands go near a paint brush. Many customers like having things done for them. I started my painting business for practically nothing and it gives me great immediate income whenever I need it.

#2 Ceiling Star Mural Painting Business: Another great part-time business. Star mural painting done right is breath-taking. This is something new and is just getting started. Kids and teens everywhere have glow stars stuck to their ceilings. Just think if you offer families a realistic looking star mural ceiling in their bedrooms! There is no competition. If you are fascinated with the stars this is an awesome business to get into and is perfect for retirees as well as teens and college students.

#3 Drywall Repair/Finishing Business: Drywall Repair and Finishing goes hand-in-hand with painting. You can easily charge $300 – $500 doing simple small repairs like water damage and texturing. I just finished a small repair job for $335. It took me an hour and a half the first day and the second day took 6 hours. Not too shabby a wage for only 7 hours effort.

You can also get small jobs hanging drywall. A customer might have a basement or garage that they need drywall hung in. Then taped, finished and painted as well. You will also get asked to do the painting most of the time as well.

So there you go. 3 easy low-cost ways to start a full or part-time business. All can be started for less than $500. You can run them at 30 hours or less or turn them into a thriving empire. You can even add them all together as a home improvement business.