December 6, 2023

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Some Considerations About Garage Door Openers

Did you ever have to get out of the car in a chilly winter night, or while a thunderous shower is pouring down, to open the garage door? Have you thought about how to make it possible to automatically open without having to leave the car? Installing a garage door open is the solution to such annoyances. A garage door opener is a motorized mechanism that helps in automatically opening and closing a garage door, without the application of manual labor. These automations can be controlled by switches installed on the garage walls, or by remote controls.

Once you have taken the decision to purchase a garage door opener, you need to take into consideration certain aspects of this invaluable device:

The Drive System

This is of tow types, the screw-drive system and the chain drive system. Some manufacturers also offer computer controlled drive appliances, but the availability of this system is limited.

o In a screw-drive system, the machinery for hoisting the door slides along a threaded shaft made of steel. Only a few rotating parts are used in the manufacture of these systems, so the maintenance is simple. The garage ceiling houses the body of the device.

o In a chain-drive system, the door is made to move upwards and downwards along its trails by the implementation of a metal chain. These are inexpensive and hence are most popular. However, these systems are noisy. The main unit is installed at the centre of the garage ceiling.

o A belt-drive structure makes the use of a rubber belt to maneuver the opener. This is the most expensive system.

o Computer-controlled drive machineries do not have the need of chains or screws. The article rests directly on top of the garage door thus the ceiling is left unoccupied. So this system is very useful for garages with limited headspace.

Power of the Motor

The larger motors with greater horsepower not only last longer, but also are absolutely necessary for maneuvering double doors. You should check if the motor starts and stops smoothly and makes the least noise while in operation.

Speed of Operation

The best quality garage door openers work at a high speed. This eliminates the need to wait at the garage door for long.


All garage door openers have features that cause the door to move in the reverse direction if it encounters some obstacle it in its path while in operation. This prevents the door from crushing any object under its weight. The inclusion of this feature is mandatory according to federal laws. An electronic infrared beam that activates the safety system when it meets an obstruction is used to direct these automatic reversion sensors.

To prevent the stealth of the transmission signals, the garage door openers use a technology that changes that emanating code every time the device is used.