December 8, 2023

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Standard Garage Door Sizes Available

As size of cars is increasing, the size of doors also needs to be increased. Bigger garage demands bigger doors. Some manufacturers design doors according to buyer’s preference, but some dedicatedly stick to standard. A standard door is also called golf cart door. They are available in three sizes; 5X7 feet, 6X7 feet, 8X7 feet. While doors for single cars are available in 8X7 feet, 9X7 feet, 10X7 feet sizes. Double garage doors are designed for the garages that accommodate 2 cars and they are available in the sizes of; 12X7 feet, 14X7 feet, 16X7 feet, 18X7 feet, 14X8 feet, 16X8 feet and 18X8 feet.

Which size should I choose?
Well, the size of a garage depends on the availability of coverage area. One can choose big door for spacious garages, while it is advisable to use small and compact doors for garages having less coverage area. Another important factor that decides the size of the door is the number of cars that need to be accommodated. Before actually buying a garage door, one must consider all the factors, like the present and future requirements of clearance area. If one is planning to buy a big car or a two wheeler etc, the amount of space so required need to be taken into consideration garage door sizes can vary greatly. Some also change their garage into workstation which must be considered prior to making a selection regarding the choice of the door.

What does it take for measuring my garage door?
Measuring a garage door can be a tricky task. One small mistake can also lead to a huge blunder. So, it is better not to make haphazard measurements. While measuring the garage, firstly the width should be measured and then the height. If there is still any doubt, it would be feasible to seek a professional help to ensure accurate measurements.