November 29, 2023

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Techshield Roof Decking – Roof Sheeting That Pays For Itself

We recently built a garage for a customer who requested Techshield roof deck be used in his construction. After doing a little research on this product and actually using it on this project I felt the need to offering my customers this as a option on every job.

Techshield is made by LP and is a thin but durable layer of aluminum applied to oriented strand board sheeting. It is designed to not only keep heat out of attic spaces, but also help keep conditioned spaces more efficient. The foil side is installed down towards the attic, the radiant barrier is a highly reflective and low emitting material that helps reduce the solar heat gain in the attic space. According to LP Techshield will prevent 97{5c4d531f50b705cb76082034c39cb335df474a3b828d613bd2826cfdf0db1d3b} radiant heat from penetrating the panel into the attic Techshield is installed like any other roof sheeting, It should be noted that this does not eliminate the need for attic insulation. Techshield will not create any problems with roofing shingles and most shingle manufactures back their warranties, as long they are installed properly.

I was surprised by the relative minimum cost difference over regular OSB roof sheeting ,on this particular job it was only about $4.00/ sheet, adding only about $100.00 of additional cost to the homeowner. The potential energy cost saving to a homeowner, using this product in home construction would be immediate and over the years substantial. The initial up front cost would probably be recovered in the first year in utility savings. But the advantages of this product cannot be measured in dollars alone. Most garages and storage sheds are not heated and cooled ,thus anything that can be done to lower interior temperatures inside these buildings is a positive. During the construction of this job the temperatures were well into the 90″s and just walking inside the structure you could tell a substantial difference. The manufacture claims up to a 30 degree reduction in a homes attic space temperatures with use of this product if you only get ½ of that Techshield will be well worth the investment and in garages and storage sheds even a small temperature reduction can make a big difference. We will now offer this option to all of our garage and storage shed customers.

Michael W. Mathis owner Affordable Building Concepts/ABC Backyard Basics []