November 29, 2023

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The Pros and Cons of Using Garage Doors Fiber Glass Panels to Build Your Garage Door

Many people are looking for a cheap and light garage door for their home or storage buildings. The older style fiberglass panel garage doors will do the job of keeping weather and prying eyes from getting into your building. The garage doors fiberglass panel construction makes the door very light and also allow light to penetrate into the garage. The garage doors fiberglass panels are supported by an aluminum frame which also helps keep the door light. Single layer fiberglass garage doors cost is very low.

The problem with using fiberglass panels to build a door comes from the fact that they do not do a good job of keeping burglars away from your contents. Many thieves actually will target fiberglass doors due to the fact they are easiest to break through and enter into. It should be noted that many rental storage units use fiberglass garage doors to save costs. It would be wise to find a storage unit with a solid conventional door if you value your property. If you live on saltwater then using garage doors fiberglass panels to construct a garage is probably the best way to reduce and control salt air corrosion. It only takes a very short time for ordinary metal doors even those covered with corrosion resistant coatings to begin to show the effects of saltwater and air.

Another disadvantage of thin fiberglass panel doors is the lack of insulation. There is very little insulating value and if you are installing them in areas of extreme cold you will find that they will at times shatter just like glass. Just the act of opening and closing the door on a very cold day will lead to significant damage. Fiberglass garage doors also fade when exposed to direct sun light which causes them to turn to a dingy yellow color. The garage doors fiberglass panels are also very noisy not just when raising or lowing them but also during any wind storm.

Obviously garage doors fiberglass panels are not suitable for structures that are located in coastal high wind zones. In most cases they suffer damage in moderate storms much less hurricane force winds. In general you will not be able to get building code approval for the installation of fiberglass garage doors in these zones. In terms of garage doors pricing fiber glass garage doors are low cost. However with few exceptions we do not recommend the use or installation of fiber glass garage doors. The garage door is the most vulnerable point in almost all structures. Cutting costs by using cheap garage doors fiberglass panels to build your garage door is probably not a good idea.