December 3, 2023

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Truck Suspension and Level Ride

It is very important that your truck is fitted with the best truck suspension to ensure smooth journey and avoid wear and tear which might result in costly maintenance. To reduce truck suspension fatigue, springs are used to keep the vehicle at level from sagging under loads, relying on air bag suspension.

How Does Air Suspension Level Rides?

Air suspension which replaces conventional steel springs uses air bags to pressurize the air and uses compressed air as a spring. The air cushion produced by the spring lessens and softens contact between the axle and the spring. It stabilizes the vehicle and levels it providing a proper and safe headlight aim. The air pressure is adjusted to compensate for loads. Hence the vehicle is leveled and sway is eliminated giving vent to a smooth ride.

How do Air Bags Help?

The air lift air bags and the air spring kits are used to level trucks reducing the vehicle’s sag and sway for a smoother and safer ride. The air pressure is adjusted with rugged, durable components which can be installed easily and quickly with the help of common tools.

Air bags which have replaced the standard coil springs at each wheel have sensors to maintain the truck at level and especially at sharp turns.

When the truck faces obstacles and inconsistencies on the road, air suspension is adjusted to allow the truck to sit low and rise to levels higher enough to be maneuvered. This air adjustability tunes your truck suspension under any circumstance when heavily loaded and on any type of road conditions.

Remember to add air when loading or towing and remove air for a softer ride when unloaded.

Three Types of Air Lift Leveling Systems

i) Air Lift 1000 gives your truck an extra rear support with massive backwheel tracking when fully loaded. It can shoulder a capacity of 1000 lbs loading

ii) Ride Control has quality and gives a sturdy support of towing and hauling up to a capacity of 2000 lbs. Yet it delivers the perfect balance of a smooth ride

iii) Load Lifter 5000 is of higher strength and gives your truck the massive support to handle the heaviest loads handling up to 5000 lbs

Benefits of Air Lift Leveling Systems

• It is a digital electronic system that manages air pressure.

• It is filled with air. So its goodbye to sags, sway, bottoming out, rolls, and rough ride.

• It controls the firmness of air bags and air suspension.

• The durable air springs maximize your truck load capacity through the use of air pressure.

• The air spring keeps your vehicle’s front-end down.

• It fills both sides of your truck evenly or when you have off-centre load bolstering one side.

• It adds more air when you tow or haul and lets the air out when you are commuting.

• It is built with superior natural rubber or polyurethane that is molded tough.

• It is leak-free, non-corrosive, and easy to connect.

• It adjusts self-leveling springs.

• It helps to increase load capacity.

• It gives you total control of your hauling.

• It has auto-level feature.

• It gives you maximum control of your ride.

• It lends a perfect, smooth ride comfort.

• It reduces suspension fatigue.

• It increases vehicle comfort and stability.

• Your truck can carry loads from 1000 to 1500 lbs.

Truck suspension with air springs offers a comfortable ride, and increases truck control, monitoring and adjusting air pressure to automatically maintain a level ride