December 3, 2023

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Why Choose a Pedal Car Ride on Over Battery Powered?

So your 2 to 5 year old wants to drive a big car “Just like Mommy and Daddy?” How cute is that?
How do you choose which is better and safer for your child? Here are few reasons Pedal Cars are a better choice for your child and you.

o Enforces the importance of exercise at an early age for your child
o You do not have to charge the battery a couple hours for a few hours of fun
o Can be charged by giving your child a snack or juice
o No potentially harmful equipment (battery) for inquisitive hands and minds to explore

Pedal Cars provide hours of fun and exercise. Exercise keeps your child healthy. They sleep better and are less cranky. This also benefits you.

Battery powered ride-on toys need their batteries charged a couple hours for a few hours of play. With a Pedal Car as long as your child has the energy the batteries are already charged and ready to go.

With a Pedal Car if your child gets tired or runs out of energy a light snack or some juice can recharge them enough to go back to having fun.

With small children every little thing can be a potential hazard. Why add to that with something your child will be tempted to explore, like a battery. With a Pedal Car there is one less temptation for little hands and minds to explore.
Now you as the parent need to decide which is best for you and your child. Battery powered or a Pedal Car ride-on?