December 3, 2023

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Womens Motorcycle Gear

There are more and more women that are joining the ranks of people who love to see the world from the back of a motorcycle. Where it used to be that mostly men enjoyed all that comes from riding, it is not so today.

There is riding gear that every rider gets to have. A helmet, leather motorcycle jacket, leather chaps or leggings, gloves, and good grip tall riding boots are the minimum. There is also rain gear, heated gear, Camelbak water reservoirs, blue tooth helmets, saddle bags and more.

Not only are there more women riding, there are womens motorcycle jackets made just for them. Womens motorcycle jackets come in the same grades of leather as mens whether it be naked leather and top grain, or aniline, plain cowhide and split cowhide. All of these are durable cowhide and each have a different feel, and price to them. There are womens motorcycle jackets that are made of lambskin. While these are beautiful and soft, they are not as durable against abrasion. American buffalo is also a durable and protective leather.

Womens jackets are made with women in mind, so they fit the figure of women. Some of the features they can come with are elastic at the waist for a better fit, decorative braiding which gives a feminine touch, and they come in different colors like pink, and pink and black along with many other color combinations. Womens jackets come in the classic style which is the Brando look, with the snap down collar, euro style which has a banded collar and a sleeker look, and collared that come with fringe which is decorative and wicks away the rain water from the jacket.

There are womens motorcycle riding clubs also. They can be searched for on line. It is always good to go and get a feel whether or not a specific club is a good fit or not.